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In a perfect world, your body and all its systems work together to keep your functioning at your highest level always. But it isn’t a perfect world. When something goes wrong, just treating the symptoms of that one issue may alleviate the pain or discomfort for a brief time but unless you examine the entire body and its systems, that problem will just keep reoccurring. In our practice, will work to figure out what is going wrong and why.

We will target the problem issue while also addressing the other things that are contributing to your issue. Don’t suffer needlessly with a chronic or nagging problem. Simply look for integrative and holistic medicine in Chicago, Call and schedule an appointment and together we can figure out what is going on and work to eliminate your pain and problem for good and give you back the life you want.

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IV Therapy
& Injectables

Our IV Therapy can deliver amino acids, minerals, vitamins and other imperative nutrients directly to the body.

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Weight Loss

Our medical weight loss program will help determine your overall physical health, your metabolic profile, and determine weight loss goals.



Bioidentical hormones offer an alternative way to relieve menopause symptoms.



Functional Medicine is a cutting-edge approach to figuring out why you are suffering from your chronic conditions.



We have a full range of services designed to relax you, invigorate you, and bring back your self-confidence and that vibrant glow.

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Keeping our intestinal flora optimized is critical to our overall health.

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We conduct an assessment of lifestyle, dietary habits, stress levels, family history, environment, and bio-individuality to help determine the proper treatment plan for you.



Body Contouring is basically “lipo light.” It is an excellent way to trim and tone trouble spots that resist diet and exercise.



Our Skin and Body products are designed to aid you in meeting your goals and complement the treatments plans you are following.



Our Anti-Aging Medicine can help you feel more vitality, have more energy and retain your mental sharpness.

We Are
Green Circle
Wellness Clinic

Serving Chicago and surrounding areas in Cook County.
All of our choices count – whether they are food choices, lifestyle choices or health choices. They all impact our bodies and our overall health. Green Circle Wellness Clinic uses the functional medicine approach to keep our patients functioning at their highest levels. Providing you perfect integrative medicine in Chicago, we believe in a patient-centered approach when we deliver our care. We explore and examine what the possible underlying causes of the disease or issue is facing our patients.

We understand that the entire body works as one system and when something goes wrong, it is important to figure out just where the breakdown occurred and why, so we can target that reason and keep it from reoccurring. Green Circle Clinic offers sustainable methods of healthcare to ensure our patients will understand their bodies and help to manage their health with holistic medicine in Chicago. Every patient is treated with an individualized approach that emphasizes their environmental and lifestyle choices. Working together, you will feel your very best for life.

Meet Dina Pavilonis, MD

Dr. Dina Pavilonis is a double boarded certified physician in the field of Family Medicine and Bariatric (Obesity) Medicine. She completed her residency training at Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago, IL. She worked as a primary care doctor for six years before choosing to focus on Bariatric and Functional Medicine. Dr. Pavilonis is a member of the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Obesity Medicine Association and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.